Executive Officers

Meet the 2017 Exec


Lindy Whitehouse – President

I came to Saskatchewan from the UK where I grew up in a small coastal village. My love of the environment and the ocean led me to undertake a BSc in Zoology and following this, a MSc in Fisheries management. I am currently a PhD student at the U of R where my main interests are looking at the physiological stress responses that fish use in response to changes in the environment.

I am interested in all aspects of environmental research and management, and in understanding how people from different areas, whether its government, universities or resource users, can work together and contribute towards understanding and improving the environments around us. I have previously worked with environmental groups in the UK and New Zealand and look forward to being involved with the wildlife chapter in Saskatchewan.


Phil Anderson – Vice President

Phil is originally from Ottawa, ON, where he quickly developed a love for fish and wildlife while canoeing and camping on the lakes of the Canadian Shield. He graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, ON with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Biology and Environmental Studies. He has worked across Ontario on projects involving aquatic ecology of zooplankton and fish and limnology. Currently, Phil is a M.Sc. student at the University of Saskatchewan working on the effects of dietary Selenium on the anti-predator escape behaviours of the Fathead Minnow. As an avid outdoorsman, living, working and recreating in the Saskatoon region allows for exposure to the abundant wildlife that makes this part of Canada so important for conservation. This is Phil’s second year on the SKTWS Exec.  He is keen on developing relationships with other wildlife stakeholders and interest groups in order to develop a strong wildlife community.


Tom Perry – Treasurer

Tom Perry is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biology at the University of Saskatchewan where he studies wolf ecology in Saskatchewan. Tom was raised in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan where he was exposed to the natural beauty of Saskatchewan through hunting, fishing and camping. Tom has completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology as well as Master’s degree in Biology at the University of Saskatchewan and has recently worked with the Government of Saskatchewan as a Wildlife Biologist. Since 2013 Tom has served as Student Representative and President of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Wildlife Society.

Jillian Kusch – Secretary

Jillian was raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, spending many of her summers camping in aspen parkland and boreal forest, coming to greatly appreciate Saskatchewan’s diverse habitats and native species.  She completed her B.Sc. Honours in Environmental Biology in 2015 from the University of Saskatchewan.  She completed an undergraduate thesis with Dr. Jeff Hudson studying the nutrient levels of Lake Diefenbaker and the factors influencing these nutrients.  She is now pursuing a M.Sc. with Dr. Jeffrey Lane at the University of Saskatchewan studying the impact of individual variation in sociality on the success of black-tailed prairie dogs in Grasslands National Park. Jillian has previously volunteered with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan and is passionate about wildlife education for all Saskatchewan residents.


Christina Tollett – U of SK Student Rep

Christina was raised in Ontario where she became passionate about wildlife and the outdoors. After completing her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Biology she began her Master’s of Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research focuses on the genetic diversity of the Sable Island and Alberta Foothills feral horse populations. Christina has also taken an interest in Northern animal rescue groups and has joined the SKTWS executive committee to help promote the stewardship of wildlife.

Tiffany Blampied – U of R Student Rep

I just completed my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology this spring, and am returning to complete my additional degree in Physical Geography in the fall. I am excited to be a part of TWS as I enjoy being outside as much as I can. You can catch me in my kayak or out on grid roads searching for species at risk this summer!


Clara Superbie – External Communications

Since childhood, Clara has been passionately interested by nature and the world around us and she always wanted to travel. After having completed her undergraduate in Population and Organism biology at the University of Paris-Sud 11 (France), she did her Master degree in behavioural Ecology with the Universities of Bourgogne and Lyon (France). Her work aimed at studying the evolution of dialects in alarm calls produced by Alpine marmots. Clara moved to Saskatoon in February 2015 and she is currently doing her Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. McLoughlin (University of Saskatchewan). Her Ph.D. focus on the understanding of the population dynamic of woodland caribou living in Northern Saskatchewan, which is a population showing the particularity of evolving in a relatively pristine environment, mainly regulated by wildfires. In the past, Clara worked as a field assistant in Madagascar for the study and the conservation of humpback whales (Association CETAMADA). She also studied sea turtles in Costa Rica and Kenya and she did an internship with the laboratory “Ecology, Systematic and Evolution” (Paris) to contribute to the development of a statistical tool linking shell morphology to the age of turtles. Clara has always been involved in the protection of biodiversity and she has been an active member of several associations like the “World Wildlife Found” (WWF), “Le Groupe Naturaliste de l’Université de Bourgogne”, and “Ensemble pour Paiolive”


Raea Gooding – Webmaster

Raea is a prairie girl with a sense of adventure and loves all wildlife, both at home and abroad. Raea did all of her schooling at the University of Saskatchewan, with a Bachelors in Agricultural Biology and a Masters in Environment and Sustainability. Her academic training is mainly on the interface between agriculture and the environment, and her projects have included disease transfer risk from crop damage by elk and white-tailed deer, as well as nitrogen retention of reservoirs in a Manitoba watershed. Raea believes in taking a holistic approach to research and enjoys a background rich in both natural and social science disciplines. She loves getting people excited about wildlife and science, and maintains the SCTWS website to showcase what is going on in the Saskatchewan wildlife scene.


Peter Joyce – Member at Large

Peter Joyce is a Strategic Conservation Specialist with the Fish, Wildlife and Lands Branch, Ministry of Environment.   Pete holds an interdisciplinary Masters in natural resources management and a BSc. in Ecology from the University of Manitoba. His 20+ years’ experience in wildlife and conservation program development and delivery includes time with Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, and Agriculture Canada. Pete’s current work focuses on the development of habitat mitigation approaches in the province. In addition to his role at Ministry of Environment Pete is Co-Chair of the Prairie Habitat Joint Venture Policy Committee. He previously spent two years on the TWS Manitoba Chapter Executive and has been a member of the Saskatchewan Chapter since 2014.

Pete is an advocate of science collaboration and agency co-operation to address the conservation and development challenges facing today’s fish and wildlife community. He considers it a privilege to assist the work of TWS Saskatchewan Chapter and help connect wildlife professionals in and outside our province as a member of the TWS Saskatchewan Executive.     When he’s not at work Pete enjoys teaching his two teenage sons to hunt and fish; coaches the neighborhood outdoor hockey team and finds happiness and spiritual renewal spending time with his partner Suzanne and their boys at the family’s off-grid retreat and conservation property near Canora Saskatchewan.

Michelle Chupik – Member at Large

I am a conservation program specialist for Ducks Unlimited Canada in the Wadena office. My background is a biologist with interest in waterfowl ecology, population dynamics, and land use management. Part of my job is land acquisition, project management, and delivering conservation programs that follow North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) goals to rural landowners to conserve wetland/upland habitat and restoring drained wetland basins. I am also a registered Biologist in Training (BIT) with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB), and a member of the Canadian Society of Ornithologists. Outside of work; I volunteer for Somers Lab out of the University of Regina, Last Mountain Bird Observatory, and Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas. Further outside of work and volunteering, I enjoy hunting, fishing, and taking my dog Copper out on adventures (AKA not becoming lost, just taking the “scenic route”).

IMG_0222 - Copy

Phil Rose – Member at Large

Phil has a background in ecology and agriculture and his main areas of interest include biodiversity and species at risk conservation, as well as human-wildlife interactions. He is currently in the final year of his master’s degree at the University of Regina. His research focuses on the habitat preferences of grassland songbirds and designing conservation programs that both enhance wildlife habitat in the prairies, and are mutually beneficial to the ranching industry co-existing in these areas. Phil has also gained experience in wetland and prairie restoration while previously working for Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Ashley Vass – Member at Large

Born and raised in Regina, Ashley has always had a passion for wildlife and prairie conservation. She is currently a Habitat Stewardship Coordinator for Nature Saskatchewan’s Stewards of Saskatchewan programs and enjoys working with rural landowners to conserve and monitor Species at Risk and their habitat. Ashley completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees at the University of Regina under Dr. Chris Somers and Dr. Ray Poulin. She has work experience with University of Regina, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Environment and Climate Change Canada and has worked with many different species, from invertebrates to reptiles, mammals, and birds. She is looking forward to her involvement with the Saskatchewan Chapter of The Wildlife Society and contributing to a community dedicated to wildlife conservation in Saskatchewan.


Kendra Gietzen – Member at Large

Kendra was raised in the Great Basin Desert located in Idaho, where she developed a passion for the natural environment. She moved to Northern California and acquired her Bachelor’s Degree at Humboldt State University, which furthered her interest in Wildlife Biology and the benefits of communities working together to establish sustainable resource use. After leaving HSU she worked as a Wildlife Biologist in the Southwestern United States establishing guidelines to conserve protected species, most notably the Mojave Desert Tortoise. She also gained experience in fisheries working for both the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Marine Fisheries Service. She has moved to Regina, SK to pursue a graduate degree studying stress indices of Catch and Release angling on Walleye.

Patricia Tomchuk

Patricia has a background in grassland and boreal ecology, water quality, and most recently, wildlife ecology. She completed a BSc in Environmental Biology at the University of Saskatchewan where she worked on a wheat breeding program, fire ecology studies in Alaska, and water quality studies of Lake Diefenbaker. She has spent some time volunteering for wildlife rehabilitation. Currently, Patricia is working on a master’s degree studying black bear habitat selection in Saskatchewan’s Boreal Shield.



Executive Positions Duties and Responsibilities

President – The President shall have general supervision of the Chapter officers, shall preside as Chairman at meetings of the Executive Board and shall be ex-officio, a member of all committees except the Nominating and Elections Committee. The President may represent the Chapter or appoint alternate representatives to other Chapter, Section or Society boards, committees or meetings including the Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society. As Chapter Representative shall represent and serve as liaison to the Section for the Chapter, provide the editor of the Section newsletter with news and items of interest from the Chapter area, and serve as a contact among the Section, Chapters and members in their respective areas.

Vice President – The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence or upon the inability of the President to serve, and shall perform any duties assigned by the President. In the event the Vice President cannot serve in the President’s absence, the Executive Board shall appoint a President, pro tempore.

Secretary-Treasurer – The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for the files, records and fund of the Chapter, and shall submit complete financial reports to the last meeting of his term of office. Duties also shall include the receipt and disbursement of funds, the recording of the minutes of all meetings, the maintenance of the membership rolls, correspondence and the issuance of meeting notices.

Student Representative – The Student Representative shall act as a liaison between the Chapter and student members of the Chapter and the general business of the Chapter.

Member-at-Large – The Member-at-Large shall be responsible for promoting the Saskatchewan Chapter and The Wildlife Society to other wildlife professionals and organizations. In addition, the Member-at–Large shall assist with soliciting memberships, and the general business of the Chapter.

Webmaster – The webmaster shall tend to the Saskatchewan Chapter webpage, facebook page, and any other forms of social media that the Chapter is currently active. The Webmaster will communicate with the President regularly to ensure all relevant information and upcoming events are appropriately advertised through the above listed media.

External Communications – The officer responsible for external communications will relay relevant information discussed at board meetings to the public and to agencies which the information is pertinent. This includes the organization and distribution of the quarterly newsletter.

Executive Board – The Executive Board shall act as the governing body for the Chapter and shall be made up of the above named officers, the Past-President, the Member-at-Large and the Student Representative.