Somers Biology Lab (University of Regina)

My research uses a combination of field biology, molecular genetics, and stable isotopes to better understand interactions between humans and wildlife, and how animals respond to human-modified environments. In particular, my recent program has focused on: (1) understanding animal resource needs; (2) population structure; and (3) conflicts over fisheries resources. My program has capitalized on a modern resource selection function approach to examine conservation issues for a variety of species based on habitat. Recent work has focused on reptiles at northern range limits, such as the eastern yellow-bellied racer, bullsnake, prairie rattlesnake, and western painted turtle. We use radiotelemetry extensively for these projects. Recent projects have also used stable isotopes to augment our knowledge on population structure based on resource use, providing a novel perspective for management.  Ultimately my goal is to provide informative data to help develop and implement appropriate, science-based conservation and management strategies for the taxa I study. For more information, visit www.somersbiology.ca