McLoughlin Population Ecology Lab (University of Saskatchewan)
The McLoughlin Lab studies various aspects of behavioural and population ecology, evolutionary ecology, community ecology, and conservation and management. Currently there are studies associated with the outdoor laboratory of Sable Island, Nova Scotia, as well as a recently initiated major study on the population dynamics of woodland caribou of the Saskatchewan Boreal Shield, including habitat responses to disturbance (especially fire) and the relationship between woodland caribou and major predators (wolves and black bears).
For contact information, or to get involved, you can learn more at the McLoughlin lab website here:

Wildlife Ecology and Community Engagement (University of Saskatchewan)
The WECE lab studies various aspects of wildlife and human interactions, using both natural science and social science tools and methods. Current active studies include work on feral wild boar distribution in Canada, Saskatchewan farmland moose resource selection, and woodland caribou management in Saskatchewan. For contact information, and updates on work being done, visit the facebook page: