Photo Contest

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The Saskatchewan Chapter of The Wildlife Society is proud to announce a public voting photo contest for 2017.

There will be four categories for members to submit their photos of Saskatchewan wildlife and wild places:


Images of a world smaller than our own. Photos of insects, plants, fossils or anything else you would think to use a macro setting on your camera.



Saskatchewan is home to a plethora of wildlife, from tiny hummingbirds to monstrous moose. Show off your best photos of our diverse fauna.


Anyone who has driven through the province knows the sweeping vistas of the land we call home. Snapshots of scenic lookouts or beautiful boreal lakes that capture human and animal activity alike are welcome here.



Land of the living skies is a fitting moniker for a reason. Show us your best photos of thunderstorms, night skies or anything else where you consider the sky to be the main attraction.

* For the last two categories (land and sky), we are giving the photographers more artistic license. We want these photos to tell a story about Saskatchewan nature. A short description of the image can help convey the message! *

How it works:

  1. Be a member of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Wildlife Society
  2. 􏰀Send up to 4 good quality photos (one per category) to before October 15th, 2017. 􏰀Provide a short description for each photo including the location and the species where required
    • Please do not watermark the photos as we will do a blind public vote online
    • Please, specify in your email that you allow SKTWS to use your photo(s) for its 2018 calendar
  3. The top three photos in each category will be featured in our fundraising calendar for 2018 and the winning photographers will receive the calendar for free. Extra prizes will be available for the first place of each category.